Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hoofprints and Footprints: Who's left them on my heart?

Sometimes, living in the city makes me feel trapped inside a very small box. All I want to do is open my door and see fields of green grass and my horses grazing on the side of the hill wishing I'd stop being so lazy and bring them some horse treats. Really, I just wish I could jump on the back of Hank (my horse) and gallop across a flat field and feel the wind against my face. Its been almost two months since I've gotten to ride and it feels like ages. Don't get my wrong, I like my life in the city (although its really not that large of a city, only 100,000 people. But hey, the town I came from had 3,000; its a huge change for me!) but sometimes I miss the grass, the echoing silence, and our happy California cows. But of course I miss my horses, they used to be my entire life.

Life is like a trying to follow a treasure map that has unclear pictures: sometimes it leads you astray to places you don't want to be and other times it will lead you to other treasures both small and large, but in the end  there will always be something good waiting for you at the end. I'm not sure where I am on this map of mine, but I'm sure time will tell.

Horses leave hoofprints and people leave footprints, some of these are ingrained into your heart forever others are temporary and fade with time.

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