Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't You Keep Your Plans?

So I use the word awesome way to much, but at least I realize that right?

I had a fun week starting on Tuesday I drove to the state capitol for the  CCA (California Cattlemen's Association, a cattle rights activist group)   legislative breakfast on Wednesday. CCA does a lot of cool stuff but we got to listen to the governor speak about current issues and meet with legislatures which is cool to do even if it sounds incredibly lame and boring.
Thursday is my longest day at school and I had an accounting test that I didn't do well on, but I always seem to do well on tests either way so I'm hopeful. By Thursday we were all more than exhausted though and canceled our plans for that night. 

Last night seemed like a very long night.. Amanda left to go to dinner with Clint and they came back after getting in a car accident, both upset. We then all went to dinner as a group, but Clint was mad about his car getting smashed and that made the rest of the night awkward. We came back and after Amanda finished her homework we met Ashley and Nicole (her best friend) at the hookah bar. I think we all like going there more to hang out than really smoke, but we always have fun. Ashley bet me $5 that I would go dance with some guy who was dancing by himself, but I got up the courage and she owes me five dollars now. I don't care so much about the money, rather I just wanted to prove that I could... Do you ever do that? We came back and hung out and watched an episode of the first season of Grey's Anatomy but I was to tired to stay up past 2 and went to sleep about hour before them.

This morning I woke up to them getting ready to leave to go to their moms house. They left later than they expected but they still left around 12 and told me theyd be back in a few hours. We made plans to do a little shopping and find something fun to do tonight. Now its 9 here and they still aren't back... So about an hour and a half ago I made plans to go to my freinds house and hang out, but Amanda just sent me a text asking me if I wanted to stay and hang out with her. Which I do, and I'd probably have more fun if I stayed and did so, but I'm also a little angry that she can't make solid plans and keep them and that she also always expects me to drop my plans so she can make her own. She also was the one who convinced me to stay here and not go home for the weekend, she assured me she would be here all weekend. Oh and did I mention, shes leaving all day tomorrow too?

Maybe some day Amanda will learn to be a little more reliable, but most likely not. Oh well, I guess everyone has thier downfalls, and either way we're still best friends. Well, I believe I am off to Sam's house soon.

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