Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Bed Is A Racetrack

 I remember mentioning to Ashley the other day that she should just leave Rhoda in my bedroom when she leaves for class in the morning; she has class at 8 and I don't have class till 11. I always feel horrible when they leave and I later get out of bed to find out they've locked the dog up all morning while ive been home. However, it didn't prepare me to get jumped on at 7:30 in the morning by a hyperactive border collie who wants to play when your sound asleep. After she used my bedroom (including my bed) as a racetrack she finally decided she wouldn't really mind curling up at the foot of the bed and going back to sleep.
Our Crazily Insane Dog, Rhoda

On another note, I just checked my email and got an interview for an internship this summer! It would be working for our state fair (California) in the livestock rings this summer. Any job this summer would be awesome, way better than spending all summer hanging out with my family! On the other hand, that would mean very little horse riding time, and how sad would that be?

You know what I really hate? People that lie.
But worse than that, people that lie and do it all the time.
Worse than even that, people that lie all the time and don't realize how obvious their lies  are.
Maybe I'm just a little to paranoid?

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