Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boring Nights Can Turn Epic

Epic - adjective - heroic; majestic; impressively great 
As a word not commonly used where I grew up, epic was a word I learned after going to college where it seemed to be a word everyone used.

Whether people say epic where you live or not, last night was epic. 

We (Amanda and I) took a trip to Walmart where we bought some plants to grow, mostly vegetables. Then we headed off the the grocery store and came home with a lot of junk food and chips & dip.  After planting our plants we sat around reading magazines and eating until Ashley showed up, back from her parents house.

High off sugar, we danced  for hours until we were to tired to stand up any more when Amanda got a text from her (very hot!) cousin. Off we went to the bowling alley to hang out with Paul and his friends. Unfortunately, they weren't incredibly hot like him! On the other hand, they were all very nice and fun to hang out with. After after only three beers Amanda was slizzard (we've adopted this from her favorite song, like a G6) and loosing pretty bad considering shed beat us by a lot the game before. 

It was a fun night and we made some new friends that we may or my not meet again... 

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