Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blackie: Part II

Today my friend Katie and I decided to see what else we could find out about this horse someone just seems to have left out with my horses. We both thought she had probably been ridden at some time but didn't know anything about her...

After detangling all the crazy dreadlocks shes had for months we decided to put a saddle on her to see how she would react. At first she was very jumpy about it but then she calmed down after we cinched her up and started walking around; she was calm to put a bridle on.

We decided to ride her in a small pen, as I don't actually have an arena or round pen to ride in. After putting weight on her I got on her first while Katie held the bridle. We walked in a few circles and then Katie got on and walked/trotted her. She was very nervous but good natured and responded to a bridle.

Later, after we had ridden her, we decided to lunge her for a while. She was not as smooth when we were riding her with a little work she could be a nice horse.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone really wants to put any work into her; which is very sad. But she seems like a nice horse aside from being a little skiddish.

Katie and Blackie

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