Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Confidence Booster

I didn't write about my second fall this summer, but it wasn't fun. I only wound up riding maybe about 10 times this summer, and was left on the ground twice (one of those two being a pretty bad fall). That never makes you feel very good about getting back on again.

So last weekend I went to ride Hank again, but I was just dreading getting back on again. Before I got on him, I lunged him for the first time since the summer I got him. I was impressed with how well he actually did for not being lunged in almost two years. (Aside from me tripping over a feeder in the middle of the field and him proceeding to gallop around the field himself as fast as he could for several minutes.)

Finally, after having to tell myself several times that getting back on wouldn't be a big deal, I finally did. We had a good few gallops across the field and it was a nice "confidence booster". I'm more than ready to get on the next time I have time, but I feel like that is never!

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