Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Horses: We Love Them

Fun Fact: It seems there are a lot of rumors on the internet about a horse that lived to be 62 years old and died in 1822. Wow! Officially the oldest horse ever recorded by Guinness World Records is 51 years old. Still, that's pretty old!

Recently I was digging through my dad's hard drive off his old computer, looking at old pictures and other miscellaneous stuff on it. (Pretty funny stuff!)

I came across a video I had taken when I was about 10 with my first camera of my horses. I had three horses then: Lucy, Dori, and Rebel. Dori and Rebel themselves were ancient, although definitely not 51. I was narrating the two minute video talking about my horses as if they were my best friends; it was super sweet (and I'm generally not the kind of person that thinks things are sweet). Not that that means I ever intend to show anyone my video!  

Its amazing how much technology has improved since I owned that camera. Back then I had blurry pictures and very very shaky videos with crackling sound quality. Now you can get all of those crystal clear.

This is Dori (photo out of the video). She was my first horse although not the first horse I had been riding. Nice horse for a little girl to ride around by herself but not much else. Of course, when I was 7 or 8 it didn't matter if the horse was ugly and old, she was a nice horse and safe to ride and that was really all that mattered back then. 

This is Rebel. Talk about old horses! He looks like a woolly mammoth from the ice age. I have no idea how old he really was but I can't believe this poor guy lived as long as he did with all the health issues he had.

Old horses, they tend to be stubborn and head strong, but we love them none the less. 
Have you had any horses you watched grow old?

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