Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cow Not Much Bigger Than A Cat

The baby calf on the left is Spencer when she was about 3 days old. She is lying next to our cat Jack. They are almost the same size! Spencer was born 6 days ago on Saturday, she was also born two months early. Cows gave the same gestation as people (nine months) and Spencer was born at only nine. The cows last baby was still nursing on her when this little girl was born.

Born at 18 lbs instead of about 70 it is a miracle she is alive! She's doing good and her mom is very sweet and putting up with everything. Spencer is nursing on the cow (with help) twice a day but the vet still has to put a tube down her throat into her stomach once a day as she is not yet strong enough to nurse by herself.

The vet says he's only ever seen one calf younger than this survive in all the years he's been working as a vet. We are very hopeful and she is doing good - talk about a success story!

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