Friday, April 1, 2011

Its 5:56 am, what do you need?

I might have already been awake, but that doesn't warrant that I want to talk before the sun comes up when I have class then does it? I guess sometimes you just have to be a good friend sometime.

I woke up this morning to this...
I must have already been awake because my phone was on silent and it won't wake me up if it vibrates once, unless I know I need to get up. I look over and have other text that hadn't woken me up but I also have one from Clint (Amanda's boyfriend). I thought this was more than odd because I don't know why he would text me to start with.  I figured that he was going to tell me to stop making so much noise or something (he lives in the apartment below in the bedroom beneath mine) similar so I snapped back.

Turns out he really just did want to talk. He said his back was bothering him and he couldn't sleep. I guess he didn't want to wake anyone up so he decided to text me instead, thanks! Good choice though, while I'm not the most sympathetic person I am the person that would always talk to their friend in the middle of the night if they needed it.

Since it was 6am and I planned on getting up in just a little over an hour, to do homework that I'd procrastinated a lot on, I thought about just telling him to come up and talk. But I hesitated and didn't, would it have been odd to invite him up and have Amanda wake up to her best friend and boyfriend talking in the living room when I shouldn't have even been awake? I casually brought it up in the morning and she said I should have, but then again everything is always better said than done. With my past history of telling him how much I loved him (so I had a few to many drinks!) I didn't want anyone to have the wrong idea, and decided against it. Still, I feel like I took the easy way out and the bad friend approach. What would you have done?

P.S. I wrote this a few days ago and it somehow didn't get published. Oops!

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